A.A. Hodge on infant salvation

“If infants and others not capable of being called by the gospel are to be saved, they must be regenerated and sanctified immediately by God without the use of means.  If God could create Adam holy without means, and if he can new-create believers in righteousness and true holiness by the use of means which a large part of men use without profit, he can certainly make infants and others regenerate without means” (A.A. Hodge, The Westminster Confession: A Commentary, p. 174).

Interesting reasoning here by Hodge. Apparently since a large part of men use the gospel without profit, then the gospel is not absolutely necessary in all cases. Once again, it appears that the Calvinist Reformed consensus is to deny the gospel by making exceptions to the Romans 1:16-17, Mark 16:16, Romans 10:3, etc, rule.