Charles Hodge: "the design of Christ's death."

Charles Hodge writes:

“The final test of any theory is its agreeing or disagreeing with the facts to be explained. The difficulty with all the Anti-Augustinian views as to the design of Christ’s death, is that while they are consistent with more or less of the Scriptural facts connected with the subject, they are utterly irreconcilable with others not less clearly revealed and equally important. They are consistent, for example, with the fact that the work of Christ lays the foundation for the offer of the gospel to all men, with the fact that men are justly condemned for the rejection of that offer; and with the fact that the Scriptures frequently assert that the work of Christ had reference to all men. All these facts can be accounted for on the assumption, that the great design of Christ’s death was to make the salvation of all men possible, and that it had equal reference to every member of our race” (Charles Hodge, Systematic Theology, Volume 2, p. 553).

Here is Genuine Historical Calvinist heretic, Charles Hodge, asserting the damnable doctrine of salvation conditioned on the sinner. Hodge believes that Christ’s death (atonement) makes the “salvation of all men possible.” Thus to Hodge, salvation was made “possible” for Judas, Pharaoh, Esau, etc. This doctrine of demons leaves salvation in the hands of the antichristian sinner, and takes it out the hands of the Sovereign Redeemer. Charles Hodge is a zealous religionist who is ignorant of the ONLY righteousness God accepts:

“Brothers, truly my heart’s pleasure and supplication to God on behalf of Israel is for it to be saved. For I testify to them that they have zeal to God, but not according to knowledge. For being ignorant of the righteousness of God, and seeking to establish their own righteousness, they did not submit to the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of Law for righteousness to everyone that believes” (Romans 10:1-4).