C.H. Spurgeon on Christ's atonement

These quotes from C.H. Spurgeon expose him as a spiritual harlot of the highest order who believed that the efficacious atonement of Jesus Christ was NOT an essential gospel doctrine (i.e., not all believers believe in the efficacious atonement of Jesus Christ, and if one does not believe in the efficacious atonement of Jesus Christ, he is NOT necessarily unregenerate). He is a spiritual whore who fulminates against those with whom he fornicates (cf. 2 John 9-11). 

This excerpt is from a sermon on Psalm 111:5 in the summer of 1858:

“The Arminian says there are some in the Covenant who tumble out of it -- that God has chosen some men -- that He justifies them, that He accepts them -- and then turns them out of His family. The Arminian holds the unnatural, cruel, barbarous idea that a man may be God’s child, and then God may disown him because he does not behave himself. The idea is revolting even to human sensibility! If our children sin, they are still our children -- though chastened and punished -- yet never do they cease to be numbered among our family. There are many of God’s children who have gone astray from Him and been chastened for it, but it were an idea too barbarous to suppose that God would disown His child for any sin he commits. He keeps fast His Covenant -- He loves them, sinners though they may be. He keeps them from running riotously into sin, but when, sometimes, they go astray, as the best of them will, still His loving heart towards them is unchangeably the same!

I do not serve the god of the Arminians at all! I have nothing to do with him and I do not bow down before the Baal they have set up! He is not my god, nor shall he ever be! I fear him not, nor tremble at his presence. A mutable god may be the god for the Arminian -- he is not the god for me. My Jehovah changes not! The god that says today and denies tomorrow. That justifies today and condemns the next. The god that has children of his own one day and lets them be the children of the devil the next has no relation to my God in the least degree! He may be the relation of Ashtaroth or Baal, but Jehovah never was nor can be his name. Jehovah changes not! He knows no shadow of turning. If He has set His heart upon a man, He will love him to the end. If He has chosen him, He has not chosen him for any merit of his own -- therefore He will never cast him away for any demerit of his own. If He has begotten him unto a lively hope, He will not suffer him to fall away and perish! That were a breaking of every promise and an abrogation of the Covenant! If one dear child of God might fall away, then might all. If one of those for whom the Savior died might be damned, then the Savior’s blood would be utterly void and vain. If one of those whom He has called according to His purpose might perish, then would His purpose be null and void” (C.H. Spurgeon).

A brief quote from Spurgeon’s widely circulated and wildly popular, “A Defence of Calvinism”:

“Most atrocious things have been spoken about the character and spiritual condition of John Wesley, the modern prince of Arminians. I can only say concerning him that, while I detest many of the doctrines which he preached, yet for the man himself I have a reverence second to no Wesleyan; and if there were wanted two apostles to be added to the number of the twelve, I do not believe that there could be found two men more fit to be so added than George Whitfield and John Wesley” (C.H. Spurgeon).

Here’s the deal, Spurgeon. You can rail and fulminate all you want against the Arminians about how you do not worship their god, and how their god “may be the relation of Ashtaroth or Baal” and all that. BUT when you fornicate spiritually with the modern Prince of these Arminians, you NECESSARILY fornicate spiritually with his god (2 John 9-11). By proclaiming spiritual oneness with John Wesley you acknowledge you both have the same father, which is the Devil. Spurgeon, you emptily claim service and adherence to Jehovah. As did certain others before you: 

"… as it has been written in the book of the Prophets: Did you bring slain beasts and sacrifices to Me forty years in the wilderness, O house of Israel? And you took up the tent of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, the figures which you made in order to worship them. And I will remove you beyond Babylon" (Acts 7:42-43).