Christopher Love on common restraining power

"By the common restraining power of the Spirit He lays a check and control upon the spirits of men. Were it not for this, there would be no living in the world.  How would human societies be destroyed!  Every man would be savage and cruel each to other.  We would kill and murder every man who angered us, deceive every man who dealt with us, and tell a lie to every man who speaks to us.  We would commit all sin.  There is great wickedness done in this last and worst age of the world, but there would be more evil done did not the Spirit lay curbs and restraints upon men's consciences." (Christopher Love, The Works of Christopher Love, Volume 1 (Morgan, PA.: Soli Deo Gloria, 1995), p. 48)

There are many anti-Biblical and anti-God assumptions packed into this little paragraph.  Does Christopher Love think that God needs to lay checks or curbs on axes, saws, and rods in order to keep them from sinful behavior (Isaiah 10:15)?  Or does He actually purpose to actively cause this sinful behavior as a demonstration of His power, wrath, and hatred of sin and unbelief in all its variegated forms?  Is Love ignorant of true Holy Spirit Conviction?  Does Love not realize that God desires to show His active and omnipotent power and hatred of outward niceness and morality that accompanies much false religion (Amos 5:21-23), and not just blatant immorality?