Zanchius on the death of Christ

Jerome Zanchius (Girolamo Zanchi) is cited putting forth the damnable doctrine of antichrist which teaches that the sinner's efforts usurp Christ's as what makes the difference between salvation and damnation:

"That it is not false that Christ died for all men as it regards his conditional will, that is, if they are willing to become partakers of his death through faith.  For the death of Christ is set before all in the Gospel, and no one is excluded from it, but he who excludes himself" (J.V. Fesko citing in The Theology of the Westminster Standards, p. 191, footnote 80: Davenant, Dissertation on the Death of Christ, 339; Girolamo Zanchi, De Praedestinatione Sanctorum, thesis 13, in Miscellaneorum Libri Tres (Heustadt: Excudebate Matthaeus Harnisius, 1592), 3:13-14.