Zwingli's Famed Murderous Third Baptism

"Zwingli’s famed response to the radicals, which was to give the re-baptizers a third baptism—death by drowning. Second, however, is the fact that Bucer, still in some ways a Dominican, genuinely believed in the possibility of persuasion via argumentation and believed that he had nothing to fear from giving the radicals a public hearing. Not only was Bucer a capable and somewhat intimidating scholar given his background with the Dominicans, he was also a masterful negotiator of whom one man, in something which could be read as compliment or insult, said, 'among all the theologians now living, [Bucer is] truly an excellent man for negotiating in theological affairs after the manner of the world.'...He was, in other words, a consummate diplomat" (Beyond Calvin: Essays on the Diversity of the Reformed Tradition).