William Perkins on "an holy dissention."

"God commanded Isaiah to declare unto Hezekiah his death; and he did also denounce destruction unto the Ninevites within forty days: and yet he had decreed to put neither of them both in execution. The human will of Christ did with an holy dissention [sic] in some sort will deliverance from the agony of death, which notwithstanding the divine willed  not" (William Perkins, Predestination; underlining mine).

I resolved to put quotes like this here because although blaspheming Jesus Christ by attributing a "holy" dissension or disobedience to His will may not be a Reformed distinctive, it does have some big names attached to it (for example, Herman Witsius articulates a similar euphemistic blasphemy HERE as William Perkins does above; also, in spite of Hebrews 5:7-10, John Newton implies that Christ's prayer to the Father was not heard).

Certainly, Christ DID WILL deliverance and Hebrews 5:7-10 says that Christ's prayer that the cup would pass WAS answered.